Imt & Bmw Rental Company, consistently provide a personalized, convenient, safe, and exciting motorcycle rental and tour experience. Our professional and experienced staff has rented motorcycles throughout the Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France, so we know what it takes to satisfy our demanding customers.
We also recognize that all of our customers are motorcycle enthusiasts at some level, and they deserve our respect and our superior service regardless of their riding experience or motorcycle preference. We know there is no common profile for a motorcyclist; the only thing that matters to us is a passion for riding motorcycles!
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Rent a bike and experience a great ride. We arrange motorcycle rentals and motorcycling vacation tours in many different countries from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France. Our partners are carefully selected professional motorcycle rental and touring companies who provide an wide variety of rental bikes. Fly into Spain and then off you go to ride. If you're looking for adventure there's nothing that beats taking in all the beauty and magnificence of the great outdoors on two wheels. Motorbike rentals available from Spain, Portugal, Italy & France.
You're looking for a quick weekends getaway on a fantasy vacation or you just want to try before you buy, Bmw Motorcycles has the perfect rental for you. Be sure to ask about our motorcycle sales.
IMT Rental Bikes
These tours are the only way to visit Spain. One tour starts in Barcelona and weaves down the Mediterranean coast to Valencia. The tour than races along and winds through the mountains in central Spain before ending in Madrid. This is a tour for riders that love non-stop curves and perfect asphalt; and there is almost no traffic at all! This tour weaves in and out of Spain and France along the natural flow of the Pyrenees.

Our motorcycle rental service uses the same motorcycle we use on all our tours. They are all BMW machines from IMT.